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Our labels
Here we want to explain how our labels are born, which represent the members of our family.
Wanting to represent the commitment we put into this project, we had a local artist, very particular in her representations (Davide Fascia), create portraits made with a mixed wax and pastel technique, with which the labels were digitally created , also creating color variations.
The pairing with wines is purely random.
disegno2 MURATO.JPG


The wine painting
"walled up"
represents the great-grandfather of Matteo and Luca

Etichetta Murato_edited.jpg
disegno1 CONFINE.JPG


the wine painting 


represents Silvia

Etichetta Confine_edited.jpg


the painting  some wine


represents Alfio

etichetta Promiscuo_edited.jpg
disegno3 AMBIGUO.JPG


the wine painting "Ambiguous"

represents Matteo

Etichetta Ambiguo_edited.jpg
disegno4 SKIZZO.JPG


The painting of the refermented 


represents Luca

Etichetta Skizzo_edited.jpg

I Cangianti by Stoppini is Drink well, Music and a lot of Passion.

-- Drink well, because we try to bring the best on the tables of the all world.

-- Music, because we have in family a student of Piano Jazz (Matteo), so there is a lot of music in winery, but other than that, the Music, because we try to produce products that can resonate in mouth and it create a nice harmony to the palate.

-- Passion, because in mading our products there is the passion of whole family.

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