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The Our History

As already mentioned on the home page, our company was born from the passion for life in the open air, the respect we have for nature and the desire to drink a good wine in the sense of natural and genuine. This passion derives from the traditions with which we grew up; namely that of making large lunches and dinners with relatives and friends on holidays, made of simple foods and always accompanied by handcrafted homemade wine and that of planting and keeping a small vineyard in your own plot, taking care of it and keeping it healthy for many years with only manual processes and using natural products. Traditions that have largely gone into disuse, but which we would like to keep alive in our small way; so much so that we decided to start this company in which the whole family is involved as evidenced by our labels that want to express the concept "we put our faces on". We wanted to make a natural wine that reflected the territory we take care of, using ancient methods in the processing, but revised and updated in a modern key, in order to obtain a product free of the defects that the natural and artisanal wines of the past showed, making it appreciable by both the natural and conventional wine markets.

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